Ibu Robin Lim- Resource of assistance for would be moms

In the absence of proper knowledge and medical facilities today also numerous pregnant women die. We accentuate rarest of rare cases where things get beyond control while delivering the child or after the birth of the baby. But the risk and adverse situations can be triumph over, by possessing knowledge of prenatal information. Visit Bali and gather lifetime ecstasy, peace, and harmony along with assistance and learning techniques to deliver.

bc132d6350a93d7fa51642abf2dd98be Ibu Robin Lim is not just another doula of Indonesia aiding in the delivery of females. After setbacks from the death of her sister and best friend while delivering the child felt the need of an expert midwife who could guide moms to be against the uncertainty associated with the stage of pregnancy. Gradually became expert while assisting neighbouring pregnant women and is now a founder of Yayasan Bumi Sehat (healthy mother Earth Foundation). Lim is formerly from the United States and lives in Bali. Lim is a mother of eight children, and she is also an authoress of numerous books associated with a newborn baby and maternal health.

About Yayasam Bumu Sehat –
Right from the day of its establishment, this health clinic has been supporting and
providing birthing services, prenatal care and medical aids to all needing it. It has been quite successful in getting down the infant and maternal mortality rate in Indonesia and also has been highly successful in saving life of many mothers at-risk.

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